Birds of New Guinea

Including Bismarck Archipelago and Bougainville

Publicado por Lynx Edicions

The Field Guide to the Birds of New Guinea. Including Bismarck Archipelago and Bougainville is the first field guide to cover the entire region, including West Papua (the Indonesian half of the main island), The Bismarck Archipelago of New Britain, New Ireland and Manus, plus Bougainville as well as mainland Papua New Guinea. It will be the most comprehensive field guide to the region using the latest taxonomy, with illustrations of all species including many extra plates covering little-known plumages and newly split species. The range maps have also been updated using the latest information available and this has already been reflected in the revised distribution maps in HBW Alive.

The book is very much a field guide as opposed to a handbook, so most species have around 250 words, and taxonomic variation is covered within the summaries. Taxonomy follows HBW/BirdLife for non-passerines, as a part of the series of new field guides which will all use this template, but for passerines we have endeavoured to flag changes in status where appropriate and to indicate likely splits in a region with over 450 endemics already.

The author is well-known birder, tour guide and long time New Guinea resident and visitor Phil Gregory, one of the most experienced field birders in the region.