Handbook of the Birds of the World - Volume 16

Tanagers to New World Blackbirds

Published by Lynx Edicions


Volume 16 covers the last four families of the series, including two of the largest of all, the tanagers (283 species) and the buntings and New World sparrows (326 species), as well as the cardinals and the New World blackbirds, the latter including such spectacular birds as the orioles and oropendolas.

Foreword on Climate Change and Birds, by Anders Pape Møller.

Family Thraupidae (Tanagers)   Steven Hilty
Family Cardinalidae (Cardinals)   Ronald Orenstein & David Brewer
Family Emberizidae (Buntings and New World Sparrows)   James Rising, Alvaro Jaramillo, José Luis Copete, Steve Madge & Peter Ryan
Family Icteridae (New World Blackbirds)   Rosendo Fraga