All subspecies add-on for Birdbase

Publicat per Santa Barbara software

To ensure compatibility of the Add-ons with Birdbase and Birdarea they can be ordered from Lynx Edicions only at the time Birdbase and Birdarea are ordered.

Please note that this software is sent from the USA.


If you do not wish to enter your own subspecies list in BirdBase there is an inexpensive All Subspecies Add-On that enters in the list the more than 21000 subspecies names taken from the latest annual update of Dr. Clements' book. The names are in groups, one for each species in the book that has subspecies. When the Add-On has been used, after you have selected the species for which you are entering a sighting one click immediately shows you all of its subspecies, a second click selects the proper subspecies, and a third click enters its name in the sighting note. Showing the subspecies names for a particular species when making a sighting display limitation takes one click, and putting the proper name in the limitation is done with a second click.