Birds of Sri Lanka MP3

Sound and Image Collection

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Each recording has been made in the natural habitat of the bird in Sri Lanka. For some species more than one type of sound is presented (and a number preceding the English name of the species indicates how many types of sounds are included).

This MP3-CD can be played on any computer (PC or Mac) and MP3-player, but is best played on an iPod or iPhone. Each species' picture shows up when the sound is played on your iPod, iPhone or iTouch, along with extra information about the recording.

On the disc you will find a lot of extra's like a specieslist (in PDF format) with 224 beautiful photographs and descriptions of the recording locations.

We expect that this publication will be useful for visiting birders to Sri Lanka to recognize most of the bird sounds they hear in the field during their stay. Sri Lanka is a tropical island just south of Peninsular India, in the Indian Ocean. It is one of the best biodiversity hotspots in South Asia.

This MP3-CD contains the sounds of 231 species of birds of Sri Lanka. The sounds are divided into 323 tracks (3:30 hours !), and provides images of all but six of these species. Sounds and photographs of all the species that are currently recognized as endemic to Sri Lanka are included.