Birds of the World database

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Birds of the World – A unique database with multiple combinations of search features.

Birds of the World is a bird data base of all the bird species of the World, and also of all the bird subspecies, together more than 26,000 taxa.

  • Checklist can easily be extracted for almost all countries in the World, and for states, provinces, islands and regions in many of the ornithologically most important countries.
  • Roughly 1000 search areas are covered. The data base includes photos (40,000 of 5,467 species), distribution maps, breeding data and measurements.
  • Conservational status is given for all species, and you can easily get a list of Restricted Range species of any Endemic Bird Area (EBA).
  • Evolutionary trees explain the relatioships between species. For your personal use, there are more than 800 checklists, and in the note book you can collect your personal observations and your own photos.