Raptors in Focus

A Quest to Find Birds of Prey in Europe and Beyond

Publicat per New Holland

Join Dick Forsman, widely acclaimed as the world expert on the birds of prey of the Western Palearctic and beyond, in his quest to find and photograph all the raptors of Europe, throughout dozens of trips to all corners of the continent, over a period of more than a decade.

The result is a remarkable book which will be on the ‘wish list’ of bird enthusiastics worldwide. It presents to the reader the very best of thousands of images Dick has taken over the years, including some sets of images that make up their own small stories within each chapter. 

Species covered include everything from the diminutive Merlin to stealth-hunters such as Northern Goshawk and the mighty Lammergeier and White-tailed and Spanish Imperial Eagles.

There are geographical chapters on ‘Raptors of the far north’, ‘Raptors of the Mediterranean’, ‘Raptors in the Pyrenees’ and ‘Raptors of the Middle East’ and ‘behavioural’ chapters on ‘Migration’, ‘Moult’, ‘Breeding’ and ‘Hunting’, as well as on the recent hot topic of ‘Hybridisation’.

The ideal gift for every bird enthusiast.