RSPB Handbook of British Birds

Il·lustrat per Hilary Burn

This is a revised and updated fourth edition of the bestselling RSPB Handbook of British Birds. This unique guide provides a 'biography' of each of the 280 commonest British bird species. It covers all aspects of field identification, using illustrations from the highly acclaimed Handbook of Bird Identification to show all common plumage forms. The text also covers behaviour, breeding biology, population, status, longevity and any other interesting facts about the species concerned. A detailed distribution map is provided for each species. The rarities section, featuring 26 additional species, has been updated and features two species new to this edition. Six comparison artwork spreads are included to help identify difficult to identify species - such as ducks, waders, warblers, raptors and gulls - alongside one another. The RSPB Handbook provides a complete, single source of basic information to our most familiar birds


“a beautifully illustrated book...should help everyone identify mystery birds” –  Daily Express

“altogether a very useful small-format book since, besides identification details, it provides information on nests and eggs, and on food, which nearly all bird guides leave out.” –  Times

“Not a word is wasted in this, the fourth edition of a classic companion.” –  Scotland Outdoors