Wildlife Guides and Maps

The books on the following pages have been selected to help you find and identify wild birds and better understand their way of life. You will find a selection of Field Guides, “Where to Watch” Guides and wildlife Travel Maps.

Field Guides:
A collection of field guides for the recognition of countryside flora and fauna. In a convenient format, they contain the necessary information for the correct identification of each species, together with illustrations and / or photographs. Indispensable reference works for your library and vital for your field trips.

Where to Watch Birds & Wildlife:
Wildlife enthusiasts will find in this series useful, precise and up-to-date information to increase their enjoyment of the natural world.

Published in practical, pocket-sized editions, they include detailed maps with itineraries covering everything of interest, as well as a very extensive collection of beautiful colour photographs of the flora, fauna and landscapes of each area.

Wildlife Travel Maps of Spain:
A reference collection, they are both maps and detailed guides. A vital resource for the exploration of Spain’s most outstanding areas of natural beauty.

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Field guides Where to watch birds & wildlife Wildlife travel maps of Spain