About us

Lynx Edicions is a publishing house committed to providing high-quality ornithology and natural history books. Founded in Barcelona in the year 1989, its primary objective at the time was the creation and publication of the Handbook of the Birds of the World, a 17-volume encyclopaedia which describes and illustrates all the species of birds in the world.

Handbook of the Birds of the World: Lynx Edicions’ flagship publication

The collection’s authoritative text and precise illustrations are the work of about 277 pre-eminent specialists and 33 illustrators from 40 countries. The crisp, vivid photographs are the original contributions of more than 850 photographers from all over the world. This emphasis on technical expertise, together with the quality of the editorial process, have made the Handbook of the Birds of the World (HBW) the major ornithological work of our time, highly acclaimed by both the general public and the scientific community. The Handbook of the Birds of the World is managed, edited and published in Barcelona, from where it is marketed and distributed to over 170 countries.

Among the various projects that Lynx Edicions has in hand, the most notable is the Handbook of the Mammals of the World, which will complement the Handbook of the Birds of the World by offering detailed, illustrated descriptions of all the world’s mammals. The first six volumes are already available.

Lynx Edicions: publishing books that focus on nature

Although HBW is certainly Lynx Edicions’ main publication, it is by no means our only catalogue offering. We are continuously expanding our selection of ornithology and natural history titles, including wildlife guides, maps, monographs and bird checklists.

A major development for Lynx Edicions has been the opportunity to work in conjunction with some of the most prestigious international scientific organizations dedicated to zoological investigation. Such alliances have resulted in titles co-edited with BirdLife International, the American Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian Institution, Conservation International and IUCN, among others.

Internet Bird Collection: a living project in continual growth

Over and above its regular editorial efforts, in 2002, Lynx Edicions launched an ambitious Internet resource known as the Internet Bird Collection (IBC), which consists of a vast, free-access online library of videos which will eventually include all the bird species in the world. We are constantly adding improvements and new functions. For example, in addition to videos, now photographs and sound recordings can be uploaded. With more new material added every day, the IBC has become one of the most visited sites of its kind on the Internet.

Books on Birds: distribution of titles from specialised publishers

The Books on Birds catalogue gathers a wide range of titles from various ornithology publishers in an informative, organized and appealing format. Both the print and digital versions are continually updated with new releases and other titles of interest to birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Our surroundings

The Lynx Edicions office headquarters in Bellaterra (Barcelona, Spain) has been our base of operations since 2001. The facility also houses a library of ornithology books, one of the most complete specialized libraries in Spain. The gardens surrounding Lynx Edicions have been carefully landscaped with different varieties of Mediterranean vegetation designed to attract indigenous birds and wildlife.


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