Illustrated Checklist reviews

What reviewers are saying about the Checklist:

"The checklist itself is bound to become a very popular choice, being backed up by the BirdLife International, and as a matter of fact, it has been adopted by the United Nations Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals, and also by the European Commission to be used in their decision-making. The modern taxonomic approach also seemingly does have benefits when it comes to bird conservation. Further, because of the illustrations, this is the most handsome and lister-friendly checklist of them all. It is simply an amazing book and an undisputed titan of its kind."
William Velmala, Ornis Fennica, Autumn 2015

"This book is unique. It is evolutionarily distinct, it fills its own bibliographical niche and has no competitors. And like any species that is radically different from its nearest relatives, it is original and captivating. I am not perhaps a typical checklist user, since I do not maintain a life list and do not feel particularly compelled to keep on top of the latest taxonomic arrangements, yet I have already spent entire days browsing the contents, and have the book placed for easy reference right next to my desk so that I can consult it as I work. If I have enjoyed it so much, those who want to anticipate the next split will find the book impossible to resist."
Christopher J. Sharpe, Neotropical Birding, Spring 2015

"So, 904 pages later, should you have it? Simply, yes. The book is a stunning visual collection of approximately half of the world’s birds, with sufficient text to satisfy those who want to know more about any species. In time, it might be the most used bird book you will ever own–whether just looking at the pictures, planning your next birding adventure or reliving previous ones."
David Wilson, Australian Birdlife, March 2015

"Whether or not you already own the full set of HBW, this ‘HBW-lite’ represents a handy, up-to-date and authoritative overview of the World’s birds."
Martin Collinson, Scottish Birds, March 2015

"Both volumes are a “must have” for ornithologists and are certainly great value for money."
Sylvia Koch, Vögel, February 2015

"So is this book really useful? Without question it is. It is now the most current and up-to-date checklist of world birds. It has been assembled by people who have spent over twenty years evaluating and deciding the taxonomic issues related to birds. It is a complete checklist of the non-passerine species using the most up-to-date taxonomy. Having both an illustration and a range map alongside of the species entry is a real blessing. It is an essential purchase for researchers and for all those engaged in world-wide birdwatching. Even if you are not a combat lister, you still need to know which species you have seen and where."
John Roy, Canadian Field Naturalist, 2014

"In my opinion this is, up to now, the best, clearest and most aesthetically pleasing checklist I have ever had the pleasure of studying. /.../ This provides a brilliant overview of each genus and family, with the birds’ appearance and distribution, name, status and subspecies presented for every species. Working on the HBW series has given the editors such great experience in how to produce a clear and elegant layout, that the presentation of the Illustrated Checklist is simply brilliant."
Lennart Nilsson, Anser, December 2014

 “HBW Checklist is clearly in a class of its own. Having a full checklist of all the non-passerine species and subspecies, together with illustrations and maps in one remarkable volume, simply cannot be beaten.”
Alan Knox, British Birds, November 2014

“As an overall package, this checklist cannot be recommended highly enough.”
Dominic Mitchell, Birdwatch, October 2014

“This list is now a benchmark, a reference that is hard to be ignored.”
Gerard Gorman,, September 2014

“It will surely become the new definitive taxonomy (at least until its next update).
This checklist is huge in every way - a huge undertaking, a huge achievement and a huge product.”
Andy Stoddart,, August 2014

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insights into the new taxonomy and methodology of the Checklist.

Read this news release (22 August 2014) from BirdLife International.

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