The Birdwatcher´s Yearbook - 1999

The Birdwatcher´s Yearbook

Handbook of the Birds of the World. Volume 4: Sandgrouse to Cuckoos.
Edited by Josep del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott & Jordi Sargatal.

Barcelona, Lynx Edicions, 1997. 679 p, £110.00.
ISBN 84 87334 22 9. Hbk.

The sublimely high quality of this magnum opus is now generally well known. Those readers for whom this is their first encounter with HBW may be assured that what they are reading about here is unquestionably the most ambitious yet most luxurious, most comprehensive yet most authoritative, stupendously well researched yet readable, beautifully illustrated monument to all the bird species of our universe that is ever likely to be produced. Its editors and contributors are of the highest standing and no fewer than 18 leading artists of the day have provided wonderful colour plates, their subtle differences in style enhancing the quality of the gallery. Expensive? Inevitably. Value for money? Every penny.