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A revolution in ornithological reference works!


The contents of the acclaimed 17-volume HBW series constantly updated and making full use of the new technologies of the digital era.

c.15 million words, 20,617 bird figures, 10,200 maps, c.100,000 bibliographical references...for less than 2.50 € per month!


Watch this video for a taste of this exciting new phase of HBW!


  • Detailed information, illustrations, maps and many more materials for all the species and families of birds of the world.
  • Contents constantly updated by professional editors and moderated user participation via “wikicontributions”.
  • Highly customizable format to meet every user’s needs and interests, geographical filtering and inclusion of personal notes.
  • Taxonomy following the forthcoming HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World.
  • Thousands of videos, photographs and sounds conveniently linked for quick and easy access.
  • Google translator integrated in each page to aid comprehension for non-English speakers.


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