Atlas of Rare Birds

Publicado por New Holland

A guide to some of the rarest birds in existence,brought together by the maps showing where in the world you can find them. The book will focus on 50 captivating stories of the very rare and 'back from the brink' successes like Seychelles Magpie-Robin and California Condor. Each species will have its own mini-chapter and the book will be broken down into key groups of species, with five amazing island endemics, the five most exciting species refound after being lost to science, and so on. This will be an accessible, readable and visually appealing take on a serious subject of threatened bird extinctions - a topic that is constantly in the news due to recent concerns over climate change and habitat destruction. The atlas format shows the global nature of bird conservation and also lends and element of accessibility to the reader as many of the species featured can be watched on birding tours these days.