Birds of Western Europe MP3 Fieldguide

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The First Complete Multimedia Field Guide for Birds. Features full descriptions, photographs, distribution maps and sounds of 320 birds found in Western Europe.

This MP3 Field Guide is compatible with both PC and Mac, as well as MP3-players like the iPhone and iPod.

This MP3 CD contains:

  • 630 audio files (over 7 hours of bird sounds)
  • 320 bird species are described
  • 322 pictures (all species)
  • 307 distribution maps (all species except vagrants)
  • uses 500 MB on an MP3-player

The core of the field guide is a comprehensive sound collection of birds found in Western Europe. Pictures, distribution maps and additional text appear automatically when the audio file is selected.

Two MP3 audio files are available for each species:

The first file contains:

  • Sound of the species (usually the song or most common sound in non-passerines)
  • Picture of the species
  • Description of the plumage of the species
  • Details about the sound and the picture

The second file contains:

  • Sound of the species (usually the call, or other vocalization in non-passerines)
  • Distribution map for the species
  • Description of the distribution in Western Europe
  • Details about the sound

The bird sounds were mainly recorded in Western Europe. Almost all are in high quality stereo. The collection is complemented by recordings from outside the region, generally for species that are less vocal in Western Europe.
Peter Boesman has made these all new stereo recordings (2007-2009) in Holland and Belgium, using Telinga Parabole Microphones and state-of-the-art digital recording technology.
Crystal clear photographs, taken by profesional birdphotographers like Rudi Debruyne, are of excellent quality and have been specially selected for their compatibility with MP3-players like the iPod and iphone.
The distribution maps, covering the distribution of every species throughout Western Europe were drawn by Leila Kurbage, a professional designer of computer maps.
The text has been specially written by Peter Boesman.