Fighting for Birds: 25 years in nature conservation

Publicado por Pelagic Publishing’s a triumph, and if you have any real interest in the job of saving species and their habitats then it’s a tremendously rewarding ‘must read’.
Chris Packham

Devoted to birds and wildlife since childhood, Mark’s early scientific research at Oxford, Aberdeen and the RSPB provided a solid background for his management, ambassadorial, and political lobbying activities which were to follow – and his larger than life, yet quietly humane personality has provided the final tools in his own, unique, nature conservationists’ toolbox.

In this book, Mark mixes a great many stories from his professional life at the RSPB with personal anecdotes and passionate arguments on past and present issues in bird and nature conservation. He shows us something of the many scientists whose work paves the way for conservation action, places domestic conservation into an international context, takes us behind the scenes to glimpse the politicians who have worked with him, or against him, along the way. Mark leaves us armed with practical tips and a guiding philosophy to take wildlife conservation though the troubled years that lie ahead.

A personal, philosophical and political history of 25 years of bird conservation, this book provides an instructive and amusing read for all those who would like a glimpse into the birds and wildlife conservation world – what the issues are, what must be done, how it can be done, and the challenges, highs and lows involved.


Foreword by Chris Packham
List of Abbreviations
1. Early years
2. Flow Country days
3. In the pink – roseate terns
4. Counting, cubes and curves
5. Is it ever right to be nasty to birds?
6. Special places
7. Hope for farmland birds
8. Reintroductions: putting something back
9. Nature reserves
10. Climate
11. The raptor haters
12. Trying to change the world
13. Advocacy in practice
14. Snippets
15. Whither the RSPB?
16. The tangled bank
17. What we need to do to win