Top Birding sites of Europe

Includes a CD of birds sounds from each of the 30 sites

Publicado por New Holland

Top Birding Sites of Europe brings together a selection of the best places to go birdwatching in the continent, from the remote archipelago of the Azores to the barely explored steppes of Kalmykia, and including an array of familiar favourites such as North Norfolk, the Coto Doñana and the Camargue. The avian wonders of each place are brought to life through the eloquent writing of Dominic Couzens and an array of stunning photogrpahs. The sites are chosen for a variety of reasons, ranging from having a huge number of species, through experiencing massive migration events or enormous breeding season or winter gatherings, to hosting rare or sought-after species.

  • Each site features a map, a list of key species and information about habitat and timing, while the evocative accounts bring each site to life and explain exactly why it deserves to be included in the book, as well as justifying its site ranking.
  • Features nearly 200 images, often of rare or spectacular birds, bird gatherings or habitats, plus a CD of 60 bird songs and calls that are characteristic of the sites covered.
  • Either as an inspiration for travellers or a reminder of places visited and species seen, Top Birding Sites of Europe is an essential companion for any birder.