Handbook of the Birds of the World - Volume 11

Old World Flycatchers to Old World Warblers

Published by Lynx Edicions

Foreword on the ecological significance of bird populations by Cagan Sekercioglu with a Preface by Paul Ehrlich.

Family Muscicapidae (Old World Flycatchers)   Barry Taylor & Peter Clement
Family Platysteiridae (Batises & Wattle-eyes)   Michel Louette
Family Rhipiduridae (Fantails)   Walter Boles
Family Monarchidae (Monarch-flycatchers)   Brian Coates, Guy Dutson, Chris Filardi, Peter Clement, Phil Gregory & Kees Moeliker
Family Regulidae (Kinglets & Firecrests)   Jochen Martens & Martin Päckert
Family Polioptilidae (Gnatcatchers)   Jon Atwood & Susannah Lerman
Family Cisticolidae (Cisticolas & allies)   Peter Ryan, Richard Dean, Steve Madge & David Pearson
Family Sylviidae (Old World Warblers)   Franz Bairlein, Per Alström, Raül Aymí, Peter Clement, Andrzej Dyrcz, Gabriel Gargallo, Frank Hawkins, Steve Madge, David Pearson & Lars Svensson