Birding - Volume XXVV, nº 1, February 1993

Volume XXVV, nº 1
February 1993

del Hoyo, J., A. Elliott and J. Sargatal, eds. 1992.
Handbook of the Birds of the World. Volume 1: Ostrich to Ducks.

Barcelona: ICBP/Lynx Edicions. 660 pp. Expected in late 1992.

The brochure for the first volume, which comprises ostriches to ducks, is most impressive. Covering the birds of the world in ten volumes, the species accounts are necessarily brief (less than a column per species). Pressumably, the last volume will arrive after the turn of the century. As one would expect from the ICBP, there is an informative "Status and Conservation" section. While it looks like a marvellous overview (I have just seen it; very impressive), it will be an expensive set and frustrating for its brevity. As reference works, the handbooks for the continents of individual interest should be the first budget priority.