BTO News - February 2004

BTO News
January - February 2004

Handbook of the Birds of the World.Volume 8: Broadbills to Tapaculos.
Josep del Hoyo, Andrew Elliot, David Christie. 2003 Lynx Edicions. Barcelona.
ISBN 84-87334-50-4 845 pp. £ 110.00 Hb

With the publication of the eighth volume of 'HBW', this monumental publication is progressing towards completion.

All of the positive comments that have been made about the first seven volumes also apply to this one.It covers some of the truly exotic and beautiful families such as broadbills, asities from Madagascar and pittas, as well as some of the plainer, skulking, yet equally exciting groups such as antbirds, woodcreepers, and tapaculos.

The main characteristics of each family are dealt with an introductory section, superbly illustrated with photographs. Each species then covered in detail including distribution maps and illustrations.

I am beginning to regret not having started collecting this series.

By Derek Toomer