BTO News - January/February 2008

BTO News
January-February 2008 

The high standard continues 

  • Handbook of the Birds of the World - Volume 12 Picathartes to Tits and Chickadees
  • Josep del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott, David Christie (Eds). 2007.
  • Lynx Edicions, Barcelona.
  • ISBN 978-8496-553422. 816pp. £145. HB. 

Already, we are up to Volume 12 of this monumental series. When it was first announced that all the world’s birds were going to be covered in a series and that they would be published at the rate of almost one a year, it was difficult to believe that this could be maintained - but it has.

This latest volume, like all of its predecessors, contains some delightful groups. The format is the same, with each order being described generally, with some superb photographs. The species are then given the familiar treatment of description, distribution, taxonomy, habitat and basic biology. The status and conservation section is given very good coverage. The plates in this latest volume are very clear and accurate.

And this volume starts with Picathartes - what a fascinating genus. 

Derek Toomer