Handbook of the Mammals of the World - Volume 7

Rodents II

Illustrated by Toni Llobet
Published by Lynx Edicions
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Published by Lynx Edicions in association with Conservation International and IUCN



Rodents include species that have colonized almost every available habitat on earth, and others that have adapted to human beings and followed them as they also spread across the globe. Volume 7 completes the order Rodentia—which represents arguably the most important order of mammals, both in terms of number of species, and in geographic distribution—covering the families contained in the suborder Myomorpha, including the two largest families, Cricetidae and Muridae.

This volume also includes a Special Chapter: Priorities for Conserving the World’s Rodents by Thomas Lacher Jr., Richard Young, Samuel Turvey, Rosalind Kennerley & Nicolette Roach

Lagomorphs and Rodents are divided into two volumes, in order to include maximum information and illustrations, as in previous HMW volumes: Volume 6: Lagomorphs and Rodents I and Volume 7: Rodents II


Families covered in Volume 7:

ORDER RODENTIA (continued)

  • Suborder Myomorpha (mouse-like rodents): 9 families, 345 genera, 1,744 species

Contents and authors:

Family Sminthidae (Birch Mice) Mary Ellen Holden, Tamás Cserkész & Grace Musser
Family Zapodidae (Zapodidae) John Whitaker
Family Dipodidae (Jerboas) Johan Michaux & Gregory Shenbrot
Family Platacanthomyidae (Tree Mice) Thomas Giarla
Family Spalacidae (Muroid Mole-rats) Ryan Norris
Family Calomyscidae (Brush-tailed Mice) C. William Kilpatrick
Family Nesomyidae (Pouched Rats, Climbing Mice and Fat Mice) Steve Goodman & Ara Monadjem
Family Cricetidae (True Hamsters, Voles, Lemmings and New World Rats and Mice)

Ulyses Pardiñas, Phil Myers, Livia León-Paniagua, Nicté Ordóñez Garza, Joseph Cook, Boris Kryštufek, Rudolf Haslauer, Robert Bradley, Gregory Shenbrot & Jim Patton

Species accounts of Cricetidae: Ulyses Pardiñas, Dennisse Ruelas, Jorge Brito, Lisa Bradley, Robert Bradley, Nicté Ordóñez Garza, Boris Kryštufek, Joseph Cook, Erika Cuéllar Soto, Jorge Salazar-Bravo, Gregory Shenbrot, Elisandra Chiquito, Alexandre Percequillo, Joyce Prado, Rudolf Haslauer, Jim Patton & Livia León-Paniagua

Family Muridae (True Mice and Rats, Gerbils and relatives)

Christiane Denys, Peter Taylor & Ken Aplin

Species accounts of Muridae: Christiane Denys, Peter Taylor, Connor Burgin, Ken Aplin, Pierre-Henri Fabre, Rudolf Haslauer, John Woinarski, Bill Breed & James Menzies

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