The American Bird Conservancy Guide to Bird Conservation

The most authoritative book on bird conservation in the Americas ever published, The American Bird Conservancy Guide to Bird Conservation will be the definitive book on the subject. The Guide presents the first comprehensive classification system and threat analysis for bird habitats in the United States, the most thorough assessment of threats to birds published to date, as well as a priority list of birds of conservation concern. Filled with beautiful colour illustrations and range maps, the Guide is a timely, important, and inspiring reference for birders and anyone else interested in conserving North America’s avian fauna. But this book is far more than another shout of crisis. The Guide also lays out a concrete and achievable plan of long-term action to safeguard our country’s rich bird life.


  • Details all 212 WatchList species, including Hawaiian species, with colour illustrations
  • Includes range maps with global and year-round ranges
  • Contains descriptions and graphic depictions of twelve U.S. “Birdscapes”
  • Offers the first comprehensive status and threat analysis for U.S. bird habitats
  • Details 50 top bird sites
  • Includes information on international bird conservation, including migrants and endemic species
  • Contains a complete analysis of human causes of bird mortality and their impacts
  • Suggests what you can do to help bird conservation
  • Provides state-by-state bird conservation priorities

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