Antactica - First Journey

The Traveller's Resource Guide

Published by Hidden Brook Press

The mystique of the Antarctic enthralls everyone, but few dare venture to its icy shores. But for those who do, myriad questions arise - What do I wear? What will I do? What will I see? How do I prepare? Geoff, a veteran expedition guide, brings you his knowledge and experience through the pages of this fun and informative guide. It is packed with interesting facts about wildlife and the many, varied and interesting sites you might visit when down there. Detailed information on history, ice, snow, weather,glaciers, safe travel, protecting yourself and your possessions, effective packing and so much more certainly makes this one of the most informative guides ever written about the Antarctic, South Georgia and the Falklands. The book includes a rare compilation of marine superstitions, which is both educational and in some cases hysterical! Whether a seasoned traveller or one new to the game, this book will undoubtedly make your dream of conquering the White Continent a reality.

The detail is so thorough and the information so well researched, that this book would be of immeasurable value to any traveller. This book will become THE resource guide for travellers! And just in case you’re not planning on going anywhere, this book will make a great gift or light reading for you as you stay at home and dream of going away!

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About the Author
Geoff’s interest in nature began at 13 years of age when he wandered through the woods and countryside near his Canadian home of Petawawa, Ontario. Since his years at the University of Guelph, where he studied zoology, he has dedicated his life to protecting and studying wild things – be they birds, mammals,insects or plants. After his retirement in 2006 from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Geoff headed off on a new career path where he put his life long studies to work – he became an expedition and interpretive guide. Specializing in both tropical and polar environs, he has travelled the world, visiting over 60 countries on all seven continents. He has led numerous trips to Alaska, Antarctica, Borneo, Cuba, Greenland, Iceland, Russia and Svalbard. A prolific author, Geoff wrote a previous book on mammals, and is widely published in nature magazines and newspapers.