Aves: Ambientes Costeiros / Birds – Coast and Sea

Published by Aves e Fotos Editora

"I didn't have the habit of observing marine and coastal birds before beginning to produce the images for this book. However, as soon as I started visiting beaches, mangroves, estuaries, and after going on some boat outings in the open sea, I became enthralled – not only with the birds, but also with each one characteristics and adaptations. I soon found out that learning to identify some of these birds wouldn't be so simple, since many species have very different plumages when they are young or not in breeding season. I will always remember the dark blue of the sea and its strengh, the spectacular flight of hundrets of shorebirds, the emotion when I saw a Little Wood-Rail walking slowly towards me, the Red-billed Tropicbirds's ability to reamin motion less in mid-air, my surprise at seeing my first Mangrove Cucloo and the unforgettable say when I went sailing with my frien Dimitri to observe the Black-browed Albatross and the Yellow-nosed Albatross for the first time. I hope you are as touched when you contemplate these images as I was when I made them. All the images in this book were taken in nature, in teh environment in which the birds live. I hope you are able to relive a little of what I experienced when you are appreciating them."

Edson Endrigo