Aves de Europa

Published by Lynx Edicions

A modern version of the classic study covering central Europe. This updated guide is manageable, easy to use and precise in its identification of European birds. It is equally suited to beginners and to those with more detailed knowledge.

  • Completely revised text and new illustrations.
  • Covers for the first time all species of European birds, including breeding, migrant and wintering birds.
  • 1,725 colour illustrations, including drawings of birds in flight, showing the principal characteristics which allow the identification of the sex and age of different species.
    Easy identification with the most important features clearly indicated.
  • 445 distribution maps showing the breeding areas of all species.
  • Concise and accurate texts detailing the most important features of plumage, calls, songs and the habitats of each species.
  • Special information about phenology, distribution and numbers in the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Guide to the study and identification of the songs and calls of the most common species, with keys to identification according to season and habitat.