The Bird Species / Die Vogelarten - Volume 1: Charadriiformes

Systematics of the Bird Species and Subspecies of the World / Systematik der Vogelarten und -unterarten der Erde

Published by Christ Media Natur

First volume the new series by Norbert Bahr, where all bird species and subspecies on the planet are listed according to the latest classification. In addition to the English and scientific names, the current German species names are given for the first time in a list as comprehensive and with an information content equal to that of Peters. The texts are also in both languages throughout. The index is organised in the following way: Species and subspecies name; and for all taxa author(s), year and original publication with page reference, the original taxon name, type locality and, as already mentioned, German and English species names. The species list is deliberately published in different volumes in order to enable rapid updating in order to ensure that the work reflects the latest state of scientific knowledge.

The first volume contains the order Charadriiformes, including the families: Alcidae (Auks), Burhinidae (Thick-knees), Charadriidae (Plovers), Chionidae (Sheathbills), Dromadidae (Crab-plovers), Glareolidae (Coursers, Pratincoles), Haematopodidae (Oystercatchers), Ibidorhynchidae (Ibisbill), Jacanidae (Jacanas), Laridae (Gulls), Pedionomidae (Plains-wandererr), Pluvialidae (Tundra Ploverr), Pluvianellidae (Magellanic Ploverr), Pluvianidae (Egyptian Plover), Recurvirostridae (Stilts, Avocets), Rostratulidae (Painted Snipes), Rynchopidae (Skimmersl), Scolopacidae (Sandpipers, Snipes), Stercorariidae (Skuas), Sternidae (Terns), Thinocoridae (Seedsnipes), Turnicidae (Buttonquails).