Birds in Africa

An introduction and survey to the Birdlife of Africa

Published by Fauna Verlag

This is an English translation of the German book "Vogel in Afrika", which covers 1,300 species breeding or migrating in Africa. There is a colour photo and a distribution map included for most species, together with a short description of the bird's appearance, habitat, and song.

Over 1.350 species covered. More than 1.380 colour photographs from the author and from 80 additional international bird photographers. Each species characterized by concise text and distribution maps for breeders. Schientific bird names along with English, French and German common names thus serving as a handy comparative name list for other languages as well. Many African countries are included covering most of all the important travel regions throughout the African continent. This photographic field guide is an ideal companion for ornithological excursions and Safaris. For Biologists, Photographers and for all those who want to explore the ornifauna of Africa.