The Birds of Africa: Vol. II - Gamebirds to Pigeons

Published by Christopher Helm

Universally recognised as by far the most authoritative work ever published on the subject, The Birds of Africa is the first handbook to describe all the birds of the African continent in one series. These volumes have received world-wide acclaim for their clear, concise presentation of material and the excellent quality of the colour plates, which vividly illustrate the African avifauna, and each is completed with full bibliographies, acoustic references and indexes. The beauty and scholarship of this now standard reference on African birds must ensure it a place on every ornithologist’s bookshelf.

This is the second of the four volumes which deal with the Passerine birds of the continent and contains contributions from acknowledged experts in the field. The families treated fall into the categories of thrushes, Old World warblers, Old World flycatchers, monarch flycatchers, wattle-eyes and puffback flycatchers.