Birds of Australia MP3 sound collection

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  • 600 bird species of Australia
  • over 2000 (binaural) recordings
  • with extra information where and when each recording was made
  • 15 hours of birdsounds (aprox. 15 CDs)
  • uses 630 Mb on an MP3-player

One of the purposes of this DVD-MP3 is to provide the listener sound information about Australia’s birds.
In Australia birds are often heard singing well out of the breeding season, whereas others communicate as a social group. Birdsong in the Australian species also includes functions, such as that of singing for pleasure, to keep in touch with their partner(s) or perhaps, by learning, to increase their song repertoire.

Identifying birds by their song in the Australian environment can often be frustrating as a species may sing differently in other locations; sometimes their mimicry is so acute one cannot tell the difference between the real bird and its imitator. Some closely related species (some flycatchers and cuckoos) sing almost identical songs, although they are often geographically isolated from each other and live in different parts of the continent.

There is where this MP3 comes in very useful as the birdsongs on this production were recorded all over the Australian continent. Of all species several different recordings are present on this MP3-DVD of Australian birds.

The recordist Fred van Gessel has been recording Australian sounds of birds over the past 35 years.
He has a comprehensive sound collection of well over 30,000 cuts of birds, animals and insects.
A selection of his finest cuts can be heard on this MP3 disc.

MP3-recordings are very easy to play on your smartphone, iPod, iPhone and computer.

And as an extra bonus: one hour of nice soundscapes recorded in Australian nature reserves.