A Birdwatcher's guide to Italy

Published by Lynx Edicions

A Birdwatcher’s Guide to Italy is the most updated guide to finding birds in Italy, including Sardinia and Sicily. The site account section covers 100 different important birding spots, and a further 40 are briefly cited as nearby areas, giving detailed information about the best time for birding, how to get there, site maps and species lists. This book however, is not merely a locality guide. The most important Italian birds” section deals with 119 different species giving concise information about their distribution, status and habitat. A very useful “where to watch” paragraph helps the reader to find, specifically, the right birding site. A chapter about endemic or sub-endemic subspecies for Italy is also provided. If you are visiting Italy for reasons other than birding and have limited free time, this guide helps you to choose the nearest and most interesting site. Alternatively, a more complete trip to Italy can be planned to take in the most important Italian species including Pygmy Cormorant, Rock and Barbary Partridge, Lanner, Wallcreeper, Pine Bunting, Isabelline Wheatear and many others.