Britain´s Rare Flowers

Published by T & A D Poyser

With Britain's rare wild flowers and ferns increasingly in the spotlight, many are the subject of recovery plans and a growing number are protected by law. Species like Starfruit, Plymouth Pear and Lady’s Slipper have become well known outside the botanical world as emblems of endangered wildlife, yet there is no easily accessible account of the conservation of our rare native flowers. This richly illustrated and beautiful new book from leading conservation writer Peter Marren, redresses the gap to provide the first complete and popular study of British rare plants and their world.

Beautifully presented, with colour illustrations and over 100 colour photographs, the complete book includes coverage of all rare plants identified in the Red Data Surveys for England, Scotland and Wales. Enjoy Peter Marren's characteristically elegant and witty writing on the fact, anecdote and folklore of Britain's rarest flowers. The foreword is by Barbara Young, Chief Executive of English Nature.