Catalans de pèl i ploma

Races domèstiques autòctones de Catalunya

Published by Lynx Edicions

Did you know that there are over 30 Catalan breeds of domesticated animals? Were you aware of the threat presented by the arrival of more productive non-indigenous species? Did you know that some local species are already extinct, even though they are better adapted to regional environments and very often more adequate for sustainable cattle farming?

Catalans de pèl i ploma is the first complete guide to the indigenous species of Catalonia, and as such provides crucial information about the history, the current status and the scientific knowledge related to local birds and mammals.

The text includes descriptive summary boxes, black and white as well as colour illustrations, historical references, and reports about the current status and conservation efforts.

• Deals with 40 breeds, 24 mammals and 16 birds, some of which are already extinct
• 76 original full-colour illustrations of all species and many different variants
• 30 distribution maps
• 152 historical and new photographs
• Precise yet highly readable text
• Extensive bibliography with over 390 entries