Collins Field Guide- Mammals of Britain and Europe

Published by Collins

This book is the first to describe authoratively all the species of mammal found in Europe and the seas around it, over 200 species. For each species, details of its colour, form, habitat, habits, measurements, breeding, and behaviour are given. Each species also has a specific entry for recognition, explaining the best way to sort out which species is being observed, whether from the sound it is making, the marks that it leaves when feeding, its tracks, or simply the difference in colour from other similar species. The bats also have a specific table explaining all the variations in flight pattern, calls and feeding times to allow identification of this difficult order at a glance. A comprehensive list of all cetacean calls is also included. The book is illustrated with 64 colour plates containing over 600 individual paintings of the animals themselves and their tracks, nests, holes, feeding signs, teeth and young. The text also contains black and white illustrations and nearly 200 distribution maps.