Els voltors a Catalunya / Los buitres en Cataluña

Biologia, conservació i síntesi bibliogràfica / Biología, conservación y síntesis bibliográfica

This is the first monograph to cover Catalonia’s vultures. The principal objective of the work is to offer an exhaustive synthesis of what is known of the ecology, status, distribution, population development, problems and conservation of the four vulture species present in Catalonia. The authors have researched the greater part of the relevant national and international scientific publications and made an extremely rigorous examination of the bibliography, permitting the comparison of data obtained in Catalonia with those of other parts of the Iberian peninsula and the Mediterranean in general. The book is designed as a consultation  and learning tool for all those interested in the world of birds of prey in general and vultures in particular. The texts are accompanied by numerous photographs and illustrations.

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