Entre Mar y Tierra / Between Sea and Land

Las Marismas del Sur / The southern marshes

Published by Lynx Edicions

A chronicle of a journey through the southern marshes: Doñana and Odiel

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Between Sea and Land is an artistic venture completed in 2008 and 2009. During four prolonged visits to the Doñana Reserva Biológica, the Nature Reserve and the Odiel Marshes in winter and spring, the author, a biologist and painter, created more than 60 watercolours, drawings and other works, painted from life or from sketches made outdoors.

The works reflect the varied zones of the littoral ecosystems, from beaches to more forested parts of the shoreline, and show a wide diversity of animal species and landscapes. The texts constitute a log of the journey, written in both English and Spanish.


The book is divided into four chapters, covering distinct ecosystems in Doñana, with an entire chapter devoted to Odiel.

Sea and Sand
Coastal environments are observed, along with species ranging from oystercatchers, scoters and shorebirds, to the peregrine falcon and black kite.

Interior waters
The flooded marshland, streams, seasonal pools and lagoons are home to horses, cranes, spoonbills, different species of duck, godwits and black-winged stilt, among other species.

Dry land
The scrubland, sand-dunes and woodlands where the mongoose and lynx roam, along with kites, the Spanish imperial eagle, nightjars, buzzards, swallows and other small birds.

Coastal mashes and salt pans host a multitude of waders during the migration period, as well as gulls, terns and osprey.

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