Etología del lobo y del perro

Published by Tundra

New edition, revised and updated.

Offering a fascinating journey through the various aspects of the behaviour of wild and domestic canines, this work provides the key to interpreting the conduct of wolves and their direct descendent, the domestic dog.

The author delves deeply into the origins of the relationship between men and canines, from the time of competition with wolves to the era of cooperation with dogs. The book unlocks the secrets of instinctive conduct and hunting, as well as social and hierarchical behaviour. Constantly comparing and contrasting the comportment of wolves in the wild with that of domestic dogs in their relationship with human beings, the author communicates a huge body of precise knowledge which allow the reader to develop an intimacy with the behaviour of the wolf in its natural surroundings which in turn facilitates a more profound understanding of our relationship with our dogs.

Together with the detailed picture of wolf behaviour, the treatment of the animal’s important role in nature’s drama, the causes of ancestral conflicts between wolves and men, and the wolf’s conservation needs all combine to reveal the true character and nature of the wild wolf. This is surely one of the greatest assertions ever made of the importance and greatness of this emblematic animal.