A Field Guide to the Birds of Peru

Published by Lynx Edicions

A Field Guide to the Birds of Peru is the first field guide ever published on the world's most important birding country, and fills a huge gap in our knowledge of South American ornithology. Peru harbors almost 1800 species of birds, including 118 endemics, in every habitat ranging from coast and deserts to 23,000-foot snow-capped Andean peaks, intermontane valleys, lush cloud forests and tropical rainforests.

Almost all 1800 species are illustrated on the 127 color plates, more than appear in any other field guide to date. The extensive text describes the main identification features of each species, plus its range in Peru, preferred habitat and worldwide range.

James F. Clements and Noam Shany have extensive field experience in almost every corner of Peru. Both authors make their homes in Southern California.