Guía de cajas nido y comederos para aves y otros vertebrados

Published by Lynx Edicions

A guide for anyone enthusiastic about the observation of nature, with advice on the best way to attract animals using feeders and encourage them to reproduce in nests. Includes information on how to build nesting boxes and feeders for the purposes of photography, observation, research, or simply to give the animals a supplementary food source or a place to reproduce during the winter months.

The first part of the guide gives practical information on the following:

  • How to build your own nesting boxes and feeders
  • Where to find different models of nesting boxes
  • How and where to position nesting boxes and feeders
  • Control and maintenance
  • The use of nesting boxes and feeders as an educational tool
  • The use of nesting boxes and feeders for research and protection of birds and other vertebrates

The second part of the guide documents and describes the main species of vertebrates which occupy nesting boxes in Spain, with scientific information gathered over the past fifteen years by the authors, and compared to current information about nesting in boxes within a wider European context.