Guía de las plantas silvestres comestibles y tóxicas

Published by Lynx Edicions

An indispensable reference guide to discover natural and healthy recipes, as well as a world of new flavours. Deals with 200 edible and 80 toxic plants, all of them illustrated with 64 colour plates. Includes detailed descriptions of each species for accurate identification. Features complete information about nutritional and medicinal uses, suggestions for best use, and the ideal times for collecting specimens. The comparative tables help avoid confusion between similar species. About the authors: François Couplan (ethnobotanist, PhD in Science, National Natural History Museum, Paris) lectures since 1975 on the identification and use of plants. He currently devotes himself to the study of Palaeolithic vegetarian diets and promotes interest in wild plants no longer used. Eva Styner has studied Botany and Illustration. Since 1986 she has created drawings for various publications and scientific exhibitions in France and Switzerland.