Lemurs of Madagascar

Fifth Edition


✍️ Russell A. Mittermeier, Kim E. Reuter, Anthony B. Rylands, Edward E. Louis Jr., Jonah Ratsimbazafy, Lily-Arison Rene de Roland, Olivier Langrand, Christoph Schwitzer, Steig E. Johnson, Laurie R. Godfrey, Marina B. Blanco, Cortni Borgerson, Timothy M. Eppley, Tiana Andriamanana, Sylviane Volampeno, Seheno Andriantsaralaza, Patricia C. Wright & Serge Rajaobelina

The fifth edition of this world-renowned guide provides detailed information on the origins, discovery, study, and conservation of Madagascar’s lemurs and comprehensive species accounts for all currently known taxa. The guide is illustrated with more than 600 drawings, photos, and maps to assist in field identification. It also introduces the concept of primate-watching and primate life-listing to encourage readers to see as many primates as possible in the wild and to help conserve them in their natural habitats.

Madagascar is one of the two richest countries on Earth for primates, its levels of endemism are unmatched by any other country, and it is one of the highest priority Biodiversity Hotspots overall. By creating this guide to facilitate the identification of Madagascar’s best known flagship species, the authors hope to stimulate interest in this ‘island continent’ and encourage everyone concerned about our natural world to visit this very special place.

Published by Re:wild as part of the Re:wild Tropical Field Guide Series.

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