Mamíferos Carnívoros Ibéricos

Published by Lynx Edicions

A complete guide to get to know the Iberian Carnivore Mammals. For any naturalist seriously interested in mammals, recognizing the signs of presence left by mammals on the terrain is essential. Their footprints neatly impressed on the compact mud of a shore and the close inspection of their excrements provide us with a lot of information that, with time, we can learn to process and assimilate. This is the main aim of this publication: to awaken, in an entertaining and comprehensive way, this latent quality of hunting and tracking that we all still shelter, and in this way, to make a giant leap in our approach to the fascinating wildlife around us.

  • Detailed text for each one of the species, with information about identification, habitat, habits, feeding, reproduction and conservation status.
  • Maps indicating distribution throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Magnificent colour photographs of all species.
  • Actual size photographs and drawings of the main signs of presence and a detailed description of how to find them and recognize them.