Mammoths, Sabertooths and Hominids

A journey through time from the aftermath of the extinction of the dinosaurs to the glacial climax of the Pleistocene epoch; from the rain forests of the Paleocene and the Eocene, with their lemur-like primates, to the harsh landscape of the Pleistocene steppes, home to the woolly mammoth. It is also a journey through space, following the migrations of mammal species that evolved on other continents, but eventually met to compete or coexist in the Europe of the Cenozoic era. Finally, it is a journey through evolution, a review of the changes and adaptations that have allowed mammals to flourish and become the dominant land vertebrates on Earth.

`Gets to grips with the stunning diversity and succession of wildlife that inhabited the great European game park.....The illustrations by Spanish artist Mauricio Anton are brilliant.' New Scientist