Observaciones de campo del lince ibérico

Published by Tundra

This work is the product of the author's field notes taken during long hours observing the Iberian lynx and is the first and most extensive collection of personal experiences concerning this flagship species that has ever been published. Many of the author’s precise descriptions are of unknown aspects of this species’ behaviour. The book, whose foreword by Miguel Delibes recalls this experienced author’s first observation of a lynx, has been enriched by the addition of descriptions of personal experiences with this large Iberian feline from a number of other naturalists. As well, this book is illustrated with the excellent drawings and sketches by Jose Alberto Llorens. Artistic field sketches revealing many of the different types of behaviour described in the text are included, along with several full-page drawings that will allow readers to enjoy aspects of the lynx’s lives in greater detail. Finally, there is a small annex of colour photographs of the lynxes taken by the author during his observations. Undoubtedly, this is a book that will enable readers to enjoy and to discover many unexpected aspects of the life of the planet’s most endangered feline.