On observar natura a Andorra

Published by Lynx Edicions

The perfect guide for discovering and visiting the best nature areas in Andorra. 36 itineraries organized by Andorran parishes, with maps, colour photographs and useful information.

On observar natura a Andorra (Where to observe nature in Andorra) emerges from a desire to develop a new model for tourism in this central Pyrenean country. This model is ecotourism, that is, the observation and enjoyment of the natural environment of a valley, a protected area, a region, or in this case, an entire country. Both visitors and residents will find in this title a useful tool for discovering the best of Andorran flora and fauna. It is organized by parishes - the basic administrative units of the Principality of Andorra - and describes localities and walking routes that are ideal for observing and listening to a large number of species in their various Pyrenean habitats. Evocative, descriptive texts, augmented by photographs, illustrations and maps, make this an exceptionally lively and appealing guide.

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