Ocells de Catalunya, País Valencià i Balears

Inclou també Catalunya Nord, Franja de Ponent i Andorra


The third edition of the first guide to treat the 386 species that are regularly present or occasional in Catalonia, the Community of Valencia, the Balearic Islands, North Catalonia, Andorra and the Aragonese Strip. It contains 1,033 illustrations which permit the identification of plumage according to sex and age, including recently established exotic species. The texts and 323 distribution maps contain the most up-to-date information available.

Each species is covered in the following sections: illustration, text, map and QR code. The information is presented on double-page spreads, allowing easy consultation of the various characteristics.

The text includes the Catalan name and the scientific name (indicating those cases where names are different in the Community of Valencia or the Balearic Islands), size, differences in plumage of similar species, voice, ecological requisites, distribution in the Western Palearctic and in the territory covered by the guide, as well as population size and tendency.

The QR code links directly to the Internet Bird Collection (IBC) web page of each species, where a photo gallery, videos and sound recordings complement the information provided in the guide.

New features of the updated 3rd edition:

  • Revised data on status, distribution and population size of each species based on the most recent information available.
  • Revised maps with changes to almost half of them.
  • Includes 4 new species: Harris's Hawk, Elegant tern, Moltoni's Warbler and Iberian Azure-winged Magpie, along with some extra figures of subspecies not previously illustrated, such as the Hooded Crow. There are 9 new illustrations in total.
  • Revised taxonomy incorporating the latest information. This involves important changes, such as the appearance of new families or the redistribution of many species.
  • Updated nomenclature in Catalan, following the official list of the Commission for Catalan Bird Names (CNOC) and TERMCAT (Centre for Catalan Terminology).
  • Includes a QR code beside the text for each species that gives direct access to the gallery of photos, videos and sound recordings of the IBC.


QR code sample (European Bee-eater):



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