Peixos continentals de Catalunya

Ecologia, conservació i guia d'identificació

Published by Lynx Edicions

Peixos continentals de Catalunya (Inland fish of Catalunya) is the first book exclusively dedicated to the fish of the fluvial systems of Catalunya, and is the result of many years of enthusiastic dedication to learning about the country’s inland fish and the ecology of the habitats in which they live. The main part of the book is concerned with the identification of fish species. Each has a dedicated section with high quality photographs and information about habitat, biology, distribution and conservation status. There are 29 native species in total, along with 30 that have been introduced, living in the inland waters of Catalunya. Other chapters describe different aspects of the biology of the fish, such as morphology, growth, reproduction, feeding and behaviour, and give basic information about environmental factors that threaten them and their aquatic ecosystems. The book is a valuable guide for naturalists, students, fishermen, scientists and anyone who is interested in the life within our rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

Summary in English and Spanish.

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