Pocket PC add-on for Birdbase

Published by Santa Barbara software

To ensure compatibility of the Add-ons with Birdbase and Birdarea they can be ordered from Lynx Edicions only at the time Birdbase and Birdarea are ordered.

Please note that this software is sent from the USA.


We have developed software called the Pocket PC Add-On. It puts one or more of any of the BirdBase "short lists" in a Pocket PC as a document for the device's word processor, Pocket Word. To enter a sighting while in the field, the user finds the species in the document by applying the word processor's Find facility to its common or scientific name. Then several taps of a stylus put the sighting in the document. The user records a note for the sighting by speaking into the Pocket PC microphone. On returning from the field, the add-on software reads the document and enters its sightings into BirdBase. At the same time the user has the document open in the computer's word processor, Microsoft Word. When the software comes across a recorded note it indicates this to the user who, with only three mouse clicks, plays it back on the computer speaker and then types it (or an edited version) on the computer keyboard into BirdBase. The sighting notes are entered by the user with a keyboard while relaxed at home, not with Palm graffiti while under stress in the field.

After installing the Pocket PC Add-On in the BIRDS folder for use with BirdBase, you can install it in the MAMMALS folder for use with the Mammal Data Add-On described below. Furthermore, you can take a Pocket PC to some location loaded with lists of the birds and of the mammals which might be seen in that location, and then enter sightings in both lists. Switching from one list to another requires only two stylus taps.