Reconoce fácilmente las plantas silvestres

Published by Lynx Edicions

This original guide provides tips for identifying plants not only by visible characteristics such as the form and color of flowers and leafs, but also by other sensory features such as the plant’s feel, smell and taste. Its illustrated identification system, free of technical terminology, equips the reader with the necessary knowledge for further investigation using more comprehensive works.

  • Combines various plant identification methods: wild plant keys, drawings showing plant color and structure and illustrated descriptions.
  • Text boxes offer clear, lively descriptions of the illustrations and stress the most interesting facts.
  • Features additional information about the practical uses for each plant.
  • With this book, experienced specialists and curious amateurs alike will be able to easily identify more than 300 common plant species in Western Europe.

About the authors:

François Couplan (ethno botanist, PhD in Science, National Natural History Museum, Paris) lectures since 1975 on identification and uses of wild plants, emphasizing the direct contact with vegetation through eyesight, touch, smell and taste. He has authored over 30 titles related to the world of plants.

Yves Doux is an artist specialized in watercolour technique who paints almost entirely in that medium. The models used for his paintings are always taken directly from the natural world.