The Rutland Water Ospreys

The Rutland Osprey Project has been an outstanding success, but is also a very personal project for everyone who has been involved in the Ospreys’ journey, from Scotland to Rutland and then on to Africa.

This new book is a celebration of the project and a chance for Osprey fans to discover the amazing stories behind the Rutland Osprey Project team’s efforts to re-establish these magnificent birds in England.

This ground-breaking project was the first of its kind in Europe. Other Osprey translocation projects in Italy and Spain have since come about as a direct result of it, and breeding pairs are also now established in Wales as a result of the work of the Rutland Osprey Project team.

Stories reveal early disappointments, detail the Ospreys’ incredible journeys as they migrate to Africa, and convey the pride the Rutland field team and many locals feel as ‘their’ Ospreys return to the same nest year on year.

This project has been a long term commitment from Anglian Water and the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust and the proceeds from this book will be used to continue and develop Osprey conservation on and around Rutland Water.