SASOL Birds of Southern Africa

Published by New Holland

4th edition of this widely acclaimed guide by top ornithologists that provides up-to-date information on all aspects of bird identification and is the most popular and comprehensively illustrated book to the region.

Formerly known as The Illustrated Guide to the Birds of Southern Africa this is a fully revised edition of this major African field guide, which describes and illustrates every accepted species on colour plates, over 900 in all. A full identification text, compiled by leading ornithologists, is accompanied by colour plates showing species in all plumages, and in flight. Full distribution maps are also included. Fully revised by its authors to bring it abreast of the latest developments and discoveries in the birding world, this new edition incorporates the most recent information about bird taxonomy and presents a host of recently recorded species splits as well as correcting previous misidentifications. New names based on recommendations of the International Ornithological Committee have been added, and name hyphenation updated. The checklist, reading list, family summaries, cross references to species accounts, and societies and club details have also been updated.